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Kirkland Automotive is one of the most respected and revered locksmith service providers due to our high quality services

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Kirkland residential offers the best in locksmith services. Once you use our services, you will see the professionalism

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Kirkland Commercial offers commercial locksmith services of the highest quality. Whether you are a small business,.

Kirkland Commercial

Kirkland Commercial offers commercial locksmith services of the highest quality. Whether you are a small business, a medium company or a large corporation, we have the solutions for all your needs.

Operating a business is hard as there is always interest in your stock or information. Outside people, from competing companies, or burglars are always a threat to any business, no matter of its size. Kirkland Commercial can upgrade or entirely replace your current locks with higher duty ones, which are harder to break and more secure. You will feel safer when you replace your current locks with the ones we offer. They are of the highest quality and provide maximum protection. Also they have a long lifespan and are guaranteed not to malfunction or break within the next 5, or more, years.

If you do not want to replace or upgrade any of your locks, Kirkland Commercial also offers you the repair service. That’s right – our professional technicians can repair your malfunctioning lock and make it as good as new.

If your business is growing, you are hiring more and more people, you will need to hand out more keys. You shouldn’t leave the whole office waiting for a single person to come and open the supply closet. We, at Kirkland Commercial, make perfect duplicates of your business keys. Our experienced technicians and modern technology enable us to create duplicate keys that are of the highest quality; everything is the same to the smallest detail and millimeter – you won’t notice the difference between both keys.

We understand that this is all unpredictable and you can’t say when a lock will break or malfunction, or when you will need lockout services. That’s why we are available at any time during the day and night. You cannot leave your office with a broken lock and only hope that nobody will take advantage of that. We have recruited a team of highly trained professionals, where each one has specialized in most, if not all, of the services we offer you. They are trained to be able to come up with a solution no matter of the situation and they have the required tools to do that without causing any unpredicted damage.

Although we only hire experienced professionals and use the latest in locksmith equipment and tools, we will not charge you with sky-high bills for our services. On the contrary, Kirkland Commercial will charge you with low and competitive rates for all of our services. We have never left a business customer unsatisfied. We have only received positive testimonials, thanking us for our level of professionalism and the low rates at which we offer our services.
Our Services
  • Emergency Car and House Lockouts
  • Broken key extraction
  • Transponder key production
  • Re-keying and/or making new keys for existing locks or deadbolts
  • Installation of new locks
  • Repair and/or upgrades on pre existing locks

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