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Kirkland Automotive is one of the most respected and revered locksmith service providers due to our high quality services

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Kirkland residential offers the best in locksmith services. Once you use our services, you will see the professionalism

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Kirkland Commercial offers commercial locksmith services of the highest quality. Whether you are a small business,

Kirkland Lock Change

Kirkland Lock is a company that specializes in offering you the best in automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services. We are able to provide you with the highest quality services through our highly trained and experienced professionals who undergo a special training program to be able to determine whether they can live up to the standards of the company or not. We do not work with people who are complacent about how good they are and the people that are unfriendly and unwilling to give their very best at the job.

That is the sole reason why Kirkland Lock is a revered company with nothing but satisfied customers. Whether you have lost the keys for your car and cannot get in, or you need to change all of the locks of your house, we have the ability to help you. We not only work with professionals that are proven in their area, but work with the latest tools and equipment to make sure that the service we provide you with is the best. You will be satisfied and very pleasantly surprised by the prices we charge for our services. Our main goal is to show gratitude to our clients by doing what they want us to do. We do not work with low quality producers that are prone to last a very long time and serve you well.

Kirkland Lock provides professional locksmith services for companies, no matter if it’s a small business or a titanic corporation, we have the working hand and required materials to make sure that your doors and locks are thief-proof. We can replace your locks, remove broken keys from inside them, or we can upgrade them. If you’ve recently fired an employee who had the keys to some important rooms in your office and you do not trust him, you can change all of the locks you need in due time, without having to worry about anything afterwards.

Or if you have problems with your locks at home, you can also call us. Our technicians will respond to your needs and immediately remove the broken key, repair your malfunctioning lock, replace the existing locks or any other service, depending on your needs and what the problem is.

All of the services we provide are not at the cost of insanely high rates. We charge for what we have done and not a nickel more. Every repaired lock, duplicate key or replaced lock will cost you nothing more than it is. We, at Kirkland Lock, are well known not only for our high quality work and materials, but also for lower rates and competitiveness on the market.
Our Services
  • Repair and/or upgrades on pre existing locks
  • Emergency Car and House Lockouts
  • Unlock Ignition
  • Transponder key production
  • Re-keying and/or making new keys for existing locks or deadbolts
  • Services on master systems and high-security locks

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